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Girls Number:- Do you know that in India there are 130 girls for 100 boys, yet some of our brothers do not have girlfriends?
That’s why we have brought for you the WhatsApp numbers of girls from abroad with whom you can talk day in and day out.

How to talk to a girl Today we are going to give you numbers, but before that, we are going to tell you how to talk to girls because girls are everywhere, the problem is not that the problem is that you ask them. how do we talk girls?

Whatsapp number

The girl can be near your house, either someone’s school girl or someone’s college girl, the problem is not, then the biggest problem is that the boys who meet some of your friends will also have a lot of girlfriends. Not one but many girls are friends, what do boys do that girls do not want to be separated from them?
Why do you know this, if you do not know, then we will tell you in this article.

Do you also want to talk to someone, if yes, then you are on the very right website?
I am going to give you some beautiful girl numbers with whom you can talk sweetly.
The one who will talk to you all night long and is also interested in your talks, if your talks go well, then you can take him on a date too.

You will get the numbers of girls from more places in this article.

Very Beautiful Girl Numbers | WhatsApp Number

Who does not want that there should not be any girl in my life? Everyone thinks that there should be a girl in my life whom I should love and she should love me. I am going to give some such numbers with whom you can talk, which will listen only to you, maybe that girl will start falling in love with you too. And there is one thing to tell before giving the number.

We find boy’s and girl’s numbers on the internet. In the same way, girls also keep looking for boys’ numbers on the Internet because. Many boys do not have a girl in their life. In the same way, even a girl does not have boys in her life. That’s why girls like them share their numbers on the Internet. so that girls can talk to boys

Don’t think that girls can get boys anywhere. Your point is also right. But the girl does not love and talk to everyone. If it were like this, then those girls would have fallen in love with the boys near their own house. But the girl doesn’t do that. Because not every girl is the same. She makes friends but does not love the boys nearby. Why, why does she do this? Because she is very shy and those girls are afraid that the family members or anyone else may not know. that she loves someone

That’s why we share the numbers of those girls with you. Like those girls will also be well. And of you too, that’s why we have brought some such girl numbers by finding them. Whatsapp number which we share and reach you people. Here we have given underneath the Whatsapp number of young ladies of the nation like India, Tamil, Telugu, Pakistani, and the Philippines.

One thing to pay attention to. If the girl is not interested in you, then do not message or call her. Girls Number

Girls whatsapp number

Girls Number

Jasmin +91 8791( Full Number )
Nisha +91 63547 ( Full Number )
Salima +91 95647 542
Aleena +91 74589 012
Shivani +91 98658 789

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Village Girls Whatsapp Numbers- Girl Phone Number

Now I am going to give you the numbers of the girls in some villages. Some people hear the name of the village. Think that the village girl is ugly. If I had written above, I would have read it carefully. Not every girl is the same. If you are from the village then you don’t need to tell. If you are not from the village then we will talk to you. The girl of the city fades in front of the girl of the village. so I will give you the phone numbers of the village girls

The village girl is very beautiful. I have already told you this. Now I am going to tell that the boy she settles in her heart once. Then she takes that boy very seriously. But nowadays, it is a far cry from taking anyone seriously. Then they leave but even today such girls are found in the village. Whoever falls in love with someone, never takes the name of leaving

Name:-  Yashi Sharma

Age- 19 years Old

Service – Free Chats

Whatsapp Number- +91 963( Full Number )


Name:-  Yasmin Khan

Age- 18 years Old

Service – Free Call

Whatsapp Number- +91 635( Full Number )


Name:-  Anika

Age- 20 years Old

Service – Free Love Chats

Whatsapp Number- +91 74589 564


Name:-  Shabnam Ali

Age- 18 years Old

Service – Free Chats Call

Whatsapp Number- +91 63210 456

Smart Girls Number- Beautiful Girls Whatsapp Number

Some people spend a lot of time finding a girl’s WhatsApp number. Still, they do not know how to get a girl’s WhatsApp number. And just want to talk and have fun with those girls. But a lot of girls do this. But Pakistani girl is very good at these things. They hang out together and have fun too. But Pakistani girl mostly stays at home. That’s why Bo uses the Internet more, due to which you will be able to talk to him more and more. Which will make them happy and you too will be happy

Now I am going to give you the list of very beautiful girls’ WhatsApp numbers. So that you can talk anytime, anywhere. And She talks very sweetly. You won’t even know. When is the night, when is the day passing? One, how would anyone want to get away from her melodious voice from above. So many girls are free. then you can imagine

Name Numbers Age
Shivani kumari +91 86478 532 18
Janvi Sharma +91 63547 8895 20
Shital  +91 7458 9632 23
Shalini +91 7456 9856 19
Aisha +91 7896 5478 18
Aliyah +91 63982 0145 19
Mahnoor +91 6301 2365 20
Noor +91 9547 8652 22
Poonam +91 9874 5632 21


Genuine Girl Whatsapp Number-Whatsapp Number of All Country

I am going to give you the number, which is the name in the WhatsApp number list. It is possible. This name is wrong because the name we have been told. We wrote that name. You talk and ask.
Pay attention to one thing, the girl of India can be very shy and talk less. That’s why you talk to them with love and live up to their expectations. So that they can trust you. This can also strengthen your friendship.

Name Number
Sonya +91 8521 4036
Ayushi  +91  632 58974
Ananya +91 8745 9654
Kirti +91 852 14756
Sonam +91 956 47862
Chhavi +91 987 45632
Pooja +91 9012 3654
Neha +91 74569 8563 
Shivani +91 753 01598

Girls Whatsapp Number List 2022 | Real Girls Mobile Number 

I’ll tell you something. Which girls will start taking interest in talking to you. Girls will also be interested only then will talk to you. If you can impress the girl, then only your talk will move forward. Otherwise, she will disconnect your call. To impress, you laugh at his little things and do such things that he does not feel bad. Don’t let that girl get bored with your words.
If you tell him upset or something in reverse. So it can happen. He sees your call and disconnects it. Or block it. That’s why you will win hearts with the amount of love you do. With the same love, she may come to meet you one day

Some of you might be thinking. that scares us. There is nothing like that, I am telling you, look a lot on our website. So sometimes it happens. Many people call or message on the same number. That’s why sometimes the girl gets upset. So don’t do it. I’m telling you

Shanu +91 8745 8965
Vinita +91 874 59621
Pooja +91 632 54874
Sheetal +91 9547 8965
Manu +91 7563 2547
Neetu +91963 254787
Shalina +91 9012 3654
Komal +91 7598 6541
Usha +91 5478 6548
Pinki +91 8520 1479


We must have given you many numbers. Sometimes people tell me by massaging. Sir my girlfriend has become, I feel very happy. Some girl has a home too. This means the marriage has also taken place. given the above. Whatsapp number is sometimes many girls stops calling in her phone. Because most of the girls do not talk on the call in the pay bar, she does the payable chatting and then talks on the call.

Do not use the given WhatsApp number wrongly. If you have any queries, then you can tell by commenting in the box given below. Or do you have any number? you want If you want to talk to anyone else, then you can give your number by commenting in the box given below. Or you can email me I will reply soon. If there is any problem related to any article, you can still talk.

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